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EIVA North American Partners for Software, Hardware, and Training

EIVA is an engineering company with more than 35 years experience in the offshore and shallow water construction and survey industry. Providing software, equipment, integrated system solutions, rental services, 24/7 support and software training to a wide range of segments, covering virtually any subsea task. OARS-HPSG is EIVA's North American Partner for Software, Hardware, and Training. Click on the tabs above for more information or scroll down to see product case studies and other links.

EIVA provides high-end equipment and software for virtually any offshore and shallow water application. These include hydrographic surveys, UXO operations, pipeline/cable route inspections, rig move and anchor handling and offshore construction, to name just a few.

From ROV and vessel-based surveys to laser, sonar, multi- or single beam echo sounder operations, and everything in between, the five core products and bundles composing NaviSuite cover the complete spectrum of offshore and shallow water applications as well as the entire data workflow. A workflow that covers laser, sonar and sensor data acquisition through to post-processing.

Selecting NaviSuite means reduced procurement and training costs through standardisation on a single software suite, regardless of application or equipment type. You can choose between a number of standard bundles dedicated to specific applications or tailor your own setup by selecting between the various products and features offered in NaviSuite.

In addition to their software products, EIVA also has a line of hardware solutions. The ScanFish line is a remote operated towed vehicle (ROTV) with different configurations for Hydrography, Oceanography, UXO operations. This ROTV can be paired with EIVA's line of OceanEnviro smart winches to help get maximum performance out of your ScanFish with minimal effort.

Toughboy, the smart wave buoy from EIVA is also on the hardware list. It can log and send back information on wave height, direction, period, as well as surface weather and current direction profiles. A turnkey solution for your monitoring project

OARS-HPSG has EIVA Factory Certified Instructors to help you get the training that your crew needs to get the job done right. Open courses are held throughout the year, and tailored courses can be given at your location. Not ready for a course yet? Start with the basics on the EIVA online eLearning site. Email OARS-HPSG for a free trial.

Try EIVA Software for Free

Contact OARS-HPSG today to receive a free trial license of EIVA's NaviSuite Software. There are also two free programs available for use without a license, you can download them now by clicking the links below.

NaviModel Free Viewer

Efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value. Quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time schemas. Dramatically maintain clicks-and-mortar solutions without functional solutions.

Download NaviModel Viewer
NaviPlot Free Chart Production

The NaviPlot Free Chart Production module allows for easy and professional layout of offshore and shallow-water survey data on paper charts and increasing speed of chart production, including series production of alignment sheets.

Download NaviPlot

Case Studies

Click one of the images below to see an example of how EIVA's software and hardware helped companies save time and get the job done right. Click on the 'Read More' button to view the case study on the EIVA website.

  • Veit is a long-time Trimble user, but was looking for a more visual, 3D solution dedicated to dredging. Using a bucket solution in the past, but wanting to try a clamshell-type dredging bucket for future work, Veit contacted EIVA through their North American partner, OARS-HPSG in Austin, Texas, looking for something that would represent the clamshell's position and progress in real time.

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  • All populated coastlines share a variety of pollution-related challenges. Those municipalities in the USA who engage in the discharge of waste water through ocean outfalls are subject to state and federal regulations requiring them to monitor the quality of the water near those structures and the marine environment beyond them.

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  • Like any offshore wind farm project, wpd's project Nordergrunde (currently under construction in Germany) operates with high stakes. Even a single day's delay would cost an enormous amount.

    To ensure their contractors' success, wpd considered it wise to purchase two wave buoys to collect data, although they only had one data collection site. This solution seemed initially to be the best way to limit downtime and secure uninterrupted data gathering.

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  • EIVA participated at a Renishaw demo day in Singapore, which included preparing and conducting a LiDAR/MBE harbour survey with our NaviSuite Kuda software. The demo proved the capabilities and cost-effectiveness of the solution.

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OARS-HPSG is proud to be EIVA's North American Partner. Please let us know if you would like to see the software in use during a web demo, or evaluate the software for free.

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