Many new opportunities for business development come from avenues you least expect, with some requiring months of research and market analysis, and others coming from a simple phone call. We received just such a call from EIVA, asking us to call VEIT, a specialty contracting and wast management company based in Rogers, MN. Veit had a challenging dredge project on Superior Bay in Duluth, Minnesota that required real time visualization and progress monitoring. They had read about EIVA's NaviSuite Uca and emailed for details and were interested in potential software integration for this project. A short time later, EIVA, OARS-HPSG, Trimble, and Veit had developed a 3D software visualization solution with a clamshell bucket in order to get a real-time view of the dredged surface under water as the work is being done. Kevin Tomanka, an OARS-HPSG Sr. Data Processor and the Sales Manager for EIVA North America, played a large role in keeping the integration on track and assisting the different parties involved. Was it challenging? I asked, "Sure it was, but it would have been boring otherwise. I can't wait for the next one", Kevin told me last week while waiting for a prospective NaviSuite Uca client to join in on a conference call. We have worked with dredging companies before, but never this intimately. It is a unique and interesting industry, one that we look forward to working with in the years to come. If you'd like to learn more about the Veit NaviSuite Uca integration, check out the following articles, or better yet, give us a call.